Dakon™ is a known company when it is to maintain the privacy of the information that you share with us. We never aim at selling, distributing, or renting the info about you as well as the purchase that you have done with the company. We make use of the info that you share with us for increasing the use of our website, services, and products by properly informing you.

It is crucial for you to read about the privacy policy so that no issues left ahead. If at any moment you find that your concerns are not addressed then you can get into contact with us.

The Info We Collect:

If you make use of Credit card regarding the purchase of our software, the credit card number is encrypted and it passed over internet. We ensure that your credit card number is not saved or recorded by our Dakon or via any of our computer. It just passes via credit card company for purchase of the course. In this context, buying the course via Dakon is just like buying product using credit card from any store. Thus, we assure you that neither Dakon nor any one in our company will keep details of your credit card. Even if you send us an email regarding any query, we avail the info we need from you rather than collecting from any other source. While providing technical support service to you, if we feel the need to collect damaged data files through email or FTP then only we take otherwise it is not the matter of chance even.

How to use the Info we collect?

  • Online order: We make use of personal info you provide while placing online order for completing and shipping the order. We use your email address to send confirmation, registration info and give you alter about any changes regarding availability of the items that you have ordered for.
  • Technical Support: Your personal info is used when you submit support team with the question to respond to the query. As far as email address is concerned, it is used for sending a response from technical support team.
  • Data Files: Our FTP server and email are fully protected so that engineers can retrieve the files. Believe us; we never transmit your data files through FTP or emails until and unless encrypted with strong algorithms. We delete your data files in a secure manner.

Way to access to the info we have on file for you is here!

There may be few occasions where you want to gain access to the info that we have on the file. In order to avail the copy of this info, please do contact us.

Notification about changes:

If we get into chance of changing the privacy policy or practice that affect your identification info then we will send you a notice via email.

Revelation of the Info to Third Parties:

Dakon might disclose the personally identifiable info of yours only and only if we they believe in seeking good faith needed for complying with the law, legal process, and a subpoena. The Info will be unveiled if Dakon has all the reasons for believing in disclosing the info important to contact, indentify and leads to bring some legal action against someone going against the Terms of Use, End User License Agreement, or when it is to protect safety of the users and public or some confidential agreements with third-parties which help in operating, developing, and maintaining the company. In the situations that all or significantly all the Dakon assets, stock are moved or sold to some other entity or Dakon is merged or attained with other entity may transfer personal identifiable info to the acquiring entity. Dakon may provide to entity customer info which is connected to part of the business which is sold or compiled with other entity without your approval. In case, as a consequence of business transition, if your personally identifiable info will be utilized in materially different way then you will be provided with the choice consistent with the policy in connection to notification of changes.


Websites at Dakon uses Cookie technology. Cookies are actually short pieces of data created by the web server that website stores on computer of a user. There are certain pages where Cookies are required with the purpose to keep info which you have entered on innumerous pages altogether. Cookies help to customize Website and offerings to the needs and privilege with better online experience. In addition to this, cookies are used for the following reasons:

It permits registered users to sign in without even sign in every time.

It helps to measure the use of innumerous pages on Dakon’s website to help in making info more precise to the needs and provide ease in access.

Cookies help to provide functionality like services, orders, and other functions which are in your interest and you have value for.

We consider session cookies as well as persistent cookies. Session cookies are temporary and deleted automatically after you leave the website. On the other hand persistent cookies remain on the computer’s hard drive till you delete yourself. Dakon do not use Cookies for collecting info connected with the visits on other sites nor determine the personally identifiable info about you only whatever is provided with your consent while dealing with Dakon. Cookies are no meant to harm your PC via corruption etc. It also cannot harm computer files and programs in your PC

The service providers which Dakon use and host the advertisement deliver the emails, make use of session as well as persistent cookies in order to track the number of the times the website is used from an advertisement. There are hardly any cookies on advertisement or email. Cookies are placed in your PC if you click the advertisement or open your email. The cookie created via e-mail or advertisement not consisted of any sort of personally identifiable info and will remain on the hard drive till you delete.

If you wish you can set browser to block the cookies. Though doing so will affect the transaction functions and access of the content of the website.

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