Client: A client for the company is the one who make a purchase of any of the products via online methods using website of Dakon.

Mail is sent regarding activation of email for download: Dakon will send an email or an email containing info about payment gateway on purchase of the product via online mode. The email consisted of information such as activation code for the software. All the products go through electronic delivery. All the products distributed under free demo before buying license

Users are required to know that data recovery software tools are created in such a manner that they are well tested in various stances of corruption cases where they deliver best of the results via recovery tools. However, users must be familiar that some of the corruption instances where products failed to recover complete metadata info. In addition to this, if free space of the system is overwritten via new data then there can be issues such as recovery failure as in such scenarios, damaged files might not consisted of required data in first place. Thus, ensure to test using free demonstration of the software which provides preview of the recovered data. It is thus expected that clients fully co-operative with us because company always put all the measurable efforts to provide help for satisfied results.

There is strong suggestion for downloading the application, install it and go for free trial edition prior making purchase of the software.

Refund of the amount is made only is the below mentioned conditions hold true: If client perform the operations as provided with the free of cost trial edition but functionality lacks in full edition.

Technical Support: Dakon use personal information which client supply while you submit the question at technical support. The email address of the client will be sued for sending response from technical team.

Refund not valid in the following scenarios:

If User is not keen to upload files on our FTP in the situations like software failure, corruptions scenarios and if in any of the specific case, the client come across troubles in carrying out the process utilizing the software then we ask client to upload the files on our secure FTP server in order to carry out required actions for the client. We never deny in signing Non Discloser Agreement or NDA if client encounter issues in carrying out process successfully. If there are troubles in uploading files on our FTP server even after we agree to sign NDA then refund won’t be possible at all.

If client buy our application without testing the functionalities in free trial then refund won’t be a chance.

In case, our software fails to perform the process it is meant to perform and the similar application is nowhere else in the online market failed to perform the similar process then refund won’t take place. Just in case, any other application performs the same process successfully then refund can be claimed.

If client has used the software and acquired 30% migration and recovery successfully then refund won’t be the matter of chance to be claimed.

Dakon does not decrypt files due to any sort of malicious activity or because of Ransomware attacks which are non-recoverable. This info is provided on all the product websites of this software tool. Thus refund request in such cases are not considered valid.

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