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Dakon created this website consisted of all the info, text, graphics, documents, products, and elements of Site as well as the products which are offered on the site as well as the services which are operated via this site available for using the subject to terms as well as conditions which are set forth in this document Terms of Use. You can use Dakon software products by going through this website. You can even download the products or browse the website, you agree to get bound by terms of use and conditions containing referenced or any other additional terms as well as conditions set on this website. All the terms mentioned in the website must be accepted to you. In case of not agreeing with the Terms of Use, make sure not to use this website. Suppose, you are not agreed with any specific terms which is applied to specific content or to specific transactions resulted via this website then you must not use that part of the website consisted of such content or via such transactions which may be concluded and must not use the content or results into such transactions.

The terms of use might be amended by Dakon during any point of time. The amended terms of use will be highly effective when it is to post on this website. Thus, be assured to check the terms of use published on this website on the regular basis in order to ensure that you are quite aware of all the terms as well as conditions applied to the particular content, materials, services or information containing or available via this website or the transactions which are completed via this website. Such sorts of terms consisted of the terms of use or where it is inconsistent with Terms of Use only to such an extent that content of such terms is not consistent with Terms of use such sort of specific terms will be superseded with these terms of Use. Dakon follow the right of making certain modifications or updated with respect to or content of the website or the format at any point of time without any notice. Dakon reserves the right to be terminated or obstructed with the right to terminate or restrict the access to web site of any reason as its sole discretion.

Warranty and disclaimer: The complete care is taken for ensuring about the accuracy of the info provided on this website. Dakon takes no responsibility for such any such thing. All the contents provided is available. Dakon express any type of disclaim of warranty as include without any limitation of warranty of fitness or merchantability for some specific motive, non-infringement, or as to the operations of this web site or content. Dakon does not take warranty or make any type of representations for security of this web site that you know about you sent may be intercepted in the transmission. Dakon fails to warrant that website or servers via which this website is available or email sent by Dakon are free from viruse or any other external elements.

The use of the website or downloading or some other use of any software via the site is done at your own risk and all with your agreement that you will be responsible for any type of damage to your PC, data loss or some other troubles from external sources. Dakon takes no liability for any type of computer virus or some other software code which is downloaded to PC from website or in some connection with the products and services offered via website. No written as well as oral info is acquired by you from Dakon or from website that shall create any sort of warranty not expressed or stated in terms of use

The site consisted of the references which are specific to Dakon products along with services may be readily available in specific country. Any such reference does not guarantee or imply such products as well as services which are available at the time in any specific country.

Dakon shall not or any of the affiliates are liable for indirect, direct, special, incidental damages (with no limitation, damages for loss to business, revenue, data, information, contract, or business interruption), punitive, consequential, etc under any theory of resulting from, arising out or connection with the use of, troubles in using website or content, services, products, statements, and actions of the third-party via this site any unauthorized access to or the modifications of the data transmission , any sort of info which is sent or received, loss to the files, loss to data, loss to content, any services which are available by this site might be delayed or intervened when Dakon is suggested of any sort of possibility of such sort of damages. Any kind of action which is brought by Dakon in connection with this website commenced and notified to Dakon in writing with 1 year after the date of the cause for action.

There are some jurisdiction which are not allowed about the exclusion of the warranty or limitations and thus the above limitations might not applied to you.

Links to any other sites: This website facilitates the links to the other website which are not under control of Dakon. Dakon is hardly responsible for content of such websites. The facility of the link is just to provide any convenience to user of the website. In case of any inclusion to the link to any of the websites fails to imply any sort of endorsement by Dakon of the content of such websites.

Intellectual Property: Trademark, copyright, and other proprietary rights in the content are all rest with licensors of Dakon. All the rights which are there in the content are not expressed granting any sort of reserves. You must be agreed with the frame, republish, transmit, modify, rent, lease, sell, loan, assign, distribute, reverse engineer, license, sublicense, or create derivative works entirely based on the Site, the Products or the Services as expressed by the authorized. Except this if otherwise provided, then content will be published on the website reproduced or distributed in unaltered form for personal and non-commercial use. The use of content consisted of limitation distribution, display, reproduction, modification, without any prior consent which is written in the consent of Dakon is all banned. proprietary notices and copyright will be retained only on reproductions.

This website consisted of service marks, trade names, trademarks, logos of the third-parties. Dakon solely describe the functions of the products and avail with accurate info regarding use of the products. Dakon disclaims any sorts of names, service marks, trade names, logos of third-parties.

Info that you provide: Any type of Info or any sort of material sent via this website will be considered non-confidential and even non-proprietary which quickly turn into property of Dakon as subject to privacy policy which is posted on this website. Dakon make use of such User materials as it deems fit anywhere into the world without any sort of compensation and free from moral rights, proprietary rights, and under Intellectual property rights in or to such User material.

Software: Software is provisioned for download purpose from or via website which is licensed subject to terms of the right use at the end user license agreement. Software as well as related document provided via website is completely copyrighted of Dakon. In exclusion to what is said in applicable and user license agreement, tool will be made available to use by end users only after copying, redistributing, and reproducing of the software is completely forbidden. It is important that you agree to the terms of applicable end user license agreement for downloading or ordering the products and services from website.

You are not permitted to copy, republish, use frame, emulate, rent, lease, loan, , clone, download, , clone, download, transmit, sell, assign, distribute, modify, license, decompile, disassemble, sublicense, produce a derivative work or else reverse engineer, or move the licensed program, or division of the Web Site, its Products or Service except the authorized or applicable end user license agreement. If any such unauthorized use is discovered then there will be automated termination of license will take place which results into civil or criminal trial.

If there are any Warranties in connection to such software applications will only apply and expressed as set forth in applicable end user license agreement. Dakon express the disclaim of all the representations as well as warranties of all sorts, inclusive of fitness or merchantability, for any specific purpose or non-breach in connection to the software.

With no limiting of foregoing, Dakon gives no warranty that products and services meet all the needs, products, services will be secured, without intervention, and error-free acquired via use of the materials or services will be totally accurate, reliable, or effective. NO matter if you have not accessed the product purchase info or not read about quality of the services, the product will meet all your expectations. If any defects with the services, products, site is discovered then they will be corrected soon.

Legality regarding Password recovery Programs: The password recovery programs provided on this site are created for fulfilling legal needs and the products are absolutely legal to use till you use them for legal needs. Therefore, you can make use of Dakon products which are provisioned to you are legal owner of the files and data used you recover via our recovery products. You become owner of the tasks to be performing the actions. If you are using our products illegally then you are wholly responsible for it.

According to this you make confirmation about the legal right to access the info, data and files which are hidden.

You also attest the recovered data, files, password etc will not be used for any sort of illegal needs. Be cautious about the illegitimate password recovery and the data decryption of unauthorized or illegally acquired files may consider as acquired via wrong actions which may result into civil as well as criminal prosecution.

Password Recovery Software and Return Policy: Dakon follows strict return policy because of the nature of the products. If software failed to recover password or copy of the unrecovered files then user is required to send to Dakon as our software engineers take ultimate pride to help you. If password is recovered then software’s owner can keep the tool or avail the password to file or refund can be made. User need to make payment for the in-house recovery for seeking the password. If Dakon fails to resolve the password mystery then full refund will assured be there. It is important to note that this situation is applicable to those situations when password recovery is based on guarantee without any sort of brute-force or dictionary attacks.

Applicable Law: These Terms of use and any of the disputed relating will be governed and construed in terms with the Indian laws without following the principles of laws. If you are agreed by the jurisdiction of the courts of the New Delhi Indian then you can claim of cause of the action rise out related to connection with Terms of Use initiated such actions are not apply or brought by Dakon.

Dakon does not take any sort of responsibility or any sort of risk if any product is made available on this website breaches law of the state. Those who have accessed this site, take initiative for compliance with national laws.

COPPA Rules: To comply with COPPA rules, if you are not more than 13 years of age then you are applicable to post any info on Dakon message board without the consent of your parents.

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